Create A Trip

Right click on the map to select zoom-in, then drag the map for the best view

Click the “CA” on California

Select a current location

A description appears below the map.

Select a destination (locations with green dots are max 400mi (reasonable driving distance) from any given starting location.)

The route will appear as a blue line on the map. This is where the route description (from current to destination) would appear under the map. Hover over the route for mileage. Click to remove.

Location and route descriptions may be saved to a personal archive, in chronological order of the trip.

this archive may be downloaded as PDF.

Currently, some map destinations (green dots) are not yet connected with the route markers.. the blue lines which connect green (destination) to blue (current locations).

Also, some routes do not yet show mileage on mouse-hover, and do not go away when clicked, like they should. I think the southern end of the state is working more as it should. Still working it.

So, the map and itinerary archive system can be shown to work, even though not completed 100%. The real problem is writting all those location and route entries, over 600 possible connections!

[iframe width=”100%” src=”” frameborder=”1″ name=”trip-window” same_height_as=”content”]